Trading robots and expert advisors;
Programming of expert advisors to order, designing of trading robots, scripts, indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.
SBT system;
Smart Bridge Technology (SBT) system is — it is a flexible and reliable tool for hedging exchange rate risks, which allows clients to work with several liquidity providers at once. The system controls several quotes streams in real-time, selects the best offer in a split-second and provides instant execution of an order at the best price in the market.
ERP systems;
ERP is an enterprise resource planning system, a corporate information system for accounting and management automation. The ground of the system is a unified data warehouse, which contains all the information about the business processes of the company, and provides simultaneous access to all employees who have appropriate authority. The main tasks of the ERP system are the integration of financial information, order data, goals to optimize production, reduce stores and unify information about employees.
CRM systems;
CRM-system allows a business to retain a client and quickly make the right decisions in business management. It is no secret that successful management lies in prediction, which is formed on statistics, and it is stored in CRM. The implementation of CRM may significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of the entire business.